Phenomenal lecturer Sergey Gette

Sergey Gette — one of the most famous orthopedic dentists in Russia continues his tour of the country with an interesting course in removable prosthetics.

  • 2000 - graduated from the Ural State Medical Academy;
  • 2001 - primary specialization in orthopedic dentistry;
  • 2003 - is interested in prosthetics methods used in Neapolitan Ischia, in the Massimo Yelazi clinic, and begins to put them into practice;
  • 2012 - on the recommendation of Alessandro Yelazi, a collaboration begins between Dr. Gette’s clinic and Rhein Italia, the concept of balanced occlusion is used in the manufacture of combined prostheses and prostheses with beam fixation;
  • 2013 - represents the interests of the UNIDI Italia group in Russia, as a simultaneous interpreter, accompanies the Rhein’83 lecturer Marco Vannini on his trips around Russia with a course in combined prostheses;
  • 2013 - continuing education at a training center at Headquarter Rhein’83 in Bologna, Italy;
  • 2013 - I-place in the nomination “Exceptionality and Quality” (“Eccellenza e qualita”) of the Amici di Brugg competition in Rimini, Italy;
  • 2014 - conducts a course on attachments and the manufacture of arch prostheses in the laboratory of Raffaele Santonicola, Naples. Here, the doctor is trained in the texturing of prostheses and the original setting of teeth using Raffaele Santonicola methods;
  • 2014 - Dr. Gette becomes the official lecturer of Rhein’83;
  • 2015 - training under the new joint protocol for the manufacture of complete removable dentures prof. Alessio Kazucci and master technician Alessandro Yelazi, at the Ivoclar Vivadent Italia training center in Casalecchio di Reno; In his course, the doctor also draws on the work of G.White, Tony Johnson & Duncan Wood.
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