Sergei Gett's weirdest order

Sergey Goette: "This is the strangest order that has ever been hired. Usually, we use the most ordinary donor, from which we take in the production of a facet of erasure, rotation and other nuances. I am totally against the playback of three. But not today. Today's case is an exception to any rules, except perhaps the individual recipient's parameters. And yes, I'm not claiming to reproduce what the donor had in the sidewalls.

And yes, I'm bragging, it's the first production made in real four hands with Dr. Yudin. This case even pulled Dmitri Konstantinovich out of the O.R. into the lab. Usually we operate in four hands, and we usually do the productions with Nastia. On the contrary, the production was performed by an orthopedic surgeon.
Yeah, the patient's already appreciated that.
I hope to do it again with another patient whose CSP will be more than 13° and allow for real sharp tusks."

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